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Stefon is a flamboyantly gay "city correspondent" for Weekend Update.He appears to be always nervous, as indicated by how he can never keep his hands still and constantly rubs them together.Stefon wears gaudy Ed Hardy shirts, multiple rings, and an asymmetrical, highlighted haircut.

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Mulaney will change the cue cards between the dress rehearsal and live broadcast, meaning Hader has little more knowledge of the script than the studio audience does.

Mulaney said that over time, it has become something of a challenge for him to see how much he can make Hader break by changing the jokes.

"I have not gotten through a single Stefon update without breaking," Hader says.

"I'm still working on it." On an episode of Comedy Bang Bang, Mulaney describes the writing process he and Hader use for Stefon.

According to Hader, it is "completely ironic" that he played a character like Stefon, because he dislikes clubs and other "loud place[s]" so he avoids them.

When Meyers' Late Night premiered on February 24, 2014, a Stefon matryoshka doll with a veil embellishment, originally hand-crafted by matryoshka artist Irene Hwang and commissioned for a crew holiday gift, was unveiled as part of the decor of Meyers' desktop.When Seth Meyers pointed out in one segment that the term "midget" was politically incorrect, Stefon corrected himself and referred to them as "fun-sized".The club owners Stefon describes are almost always malapropisms of famous celebrities' names, e.g., Snoozin Lucci, Jew Diamond Phillips, Tranderson Cooper, Baloney Danza, Fat Sajak, Gay Liotta, Gay Dunaway, Tranny Oakley, D-bag Chopra, and Blow J. His style comes close to absurdist humor, mocking New York City's notorious Club Kid scene.Passwords for some of the clubs include "My wallet? " ("the last words of murdered blues legend Sweet Willie Walker") and "Diabetes" (said in a Wilford Brimley voice).When mentioning the club's typical patrons, he lists outlandish characters such as screaming babies in Mozart wigs, Puppets in disguise, an Albino who looks like Susan Powter, Puppets practicing Karate, sunburned drifters with soap bubble beards, and groups of guys with afros in graduation caps.Stefon recommends unusual clubs and parties with bizarre characters and very specific tastes, described as "visions a dying gay man would have if he was under too many blankets," Stefon's segments were inspired by real people Hader and Mulaney had encountered, including an email Mulaney had received recommending parties and other points of interest to him, and a barista at a coffee shop that Hader met who looked and talked like Stefon.

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