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; Walter Huston; Clayton, Jackson and Durante; and Ethel Merman. PROGRAM 5: DINAH SHORE SHOW (1-15-43) Armed Forces Radio rebroadcast for servicemen with Dinah, Gordon Jenkins and the orchestra and announcer Truman Bradley.

Program is dedicated “to the fellas in the service…

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Jack and the Sportsmen sing “Give My Regards to Broadway.” FRED ALLEN SHOW (3-23-47) Excerpt featuring Fred’s guests Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein.

FIRST NIGHTER PROGRAM (3-29-44) “The Chinese Gong” written by Arch Oboler, starring Barbara Luddy and Olan Soule. Cohan; song hits from Ziegfeld Follies; Fanny Brice; Helen Morgan; Oklahoma!

MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE TIME (12-4-47) starring George Burns and Gracie Allen with their guest Bing Crosby, with Meredith Willson and the orchestra.

BILL STERN’S SPORTS NEWSREEL (9-14-45) The sportscaster with the 306th edition of the Colgate Sports Newsreel. PLUS – clips of It Pays to Be Ignorant; Lowell Thomas; Bing Crosby in 1930; and radio theme songs. PROGRAM 3: HOLLYWOOD NEWS WITH JIMMY FIDLER (1-15-45) The noted film columnist and broadcaster offers the latest Tinseltown gossip.

PLUS – excerpts and clips featuring Judy Garland; Fred Allen; Marx Brothers; W. Fields; Dick Powell; and Bela Lugosi on Candid Microphone. PROGRAM 4: JACK BENNY PROGRAM (5-18-47) Broadcasting from New York while Jack is appearing on the stage of the Roxy Theatre.

Guest is Broadway favorite Al Jolson who joins Mary Livingstone, Phil Harris, Rochester and Kenny Delmar.

JACK ARMSTRONG, THE ALL-AMERICAN BOY (4-30-42) Isolated episode in the “Land of the Sky” sequence.

YOUR HIT PARADE (9-11-48) Frank Sinatra introduces the top songs of the week, with Eileen Wilson and Ken Lane and the Hit Paraders and Lynn Murray and the orchestra.

Virginia Payne stars as “America’s Mother of the Air.” PEPSODENT SHOW (11-18-47) While Bob Hope is on his way to England to attend the wedding of Princess Elizabeth, NBC presents an all-star comedy program featuring radio’s biggest names: Eddie Cantor, Red Skelton, Fibber Mc Gee and Molly and Amos ‘n’ Andy.

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