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Prior to his dishonorable discharge, Lawton received "Expert" level Army Marksmanship Qualification Badges in all AR670-1 weapon categories.

Academy instructors remarked that he didn't find directly hitting targets a challenge and has a tendency to insert his own additional requirements in order to "make things interesting".

Various statements indicate the suspect is armed with hi-tech weaponry and tools, which may allow for rapid deployment and navigation between buildings.

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Analysts suggest Guatemala is the center of operations of this identity.

Consistent elements include snake-themed tattoo markings, and non-restrictive garment to aid with agility.

Conflicting reports of the suspect range from a highly trained individual or group of individuals, to allegations of a "large winged creature." Sporadic sightings were first reported two years ago, though frequency of sightings is up 80% in last six months.

Limited photographic and forensic evidence suggests a single individual - a white male adult - utilizing a dark, militarized armor with unexplained high mobility.

It is highly likely that Lawton harbors a death wish - consider this when engaging the suspect.

"Copperhead" is a possible group identity or floating moniker.All reports indicate the killer is highly mobile, with an extremely flexible physiology.Case detectives suggest that the individual uses this ability to gain access to structures via small accessways, vents, and construction imperfections.Attributed killings are consistently either asphyxiation, fracture of the cervical vertebrae, or death through the application of exotic poisons.Earlier reports flagged suspect as graffiti artist with an anti-authority/anarchist leanings.Multiple outstanding warrants for "The Batman" exist, including: assault with a deadly weapon against both criminals and law enforcement officers, breaking and entering, carrying a concealed weapon, interfering with a crime scene, and fleeing the scene of a crime. Multiple cases of resisting arrest have proven suspect both an expert hand-to-hand combatant and evasion specialist.

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