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Sure, the quality of Annual Credit might not be the best, but it’s still the only legit place you can get a truly free report from all free bureaus without having to enroll in some trial offer.

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Coincidentally, while writing this review I actually encountered Experian not being available (pictured left). If I recall correctly, it involved mailing in proof.

On the forum I have seen people say there is a scam going on when this happens. The truth is that they really do have to validate you’re the real deal before handing over your personal report.

Self disclosure time: At one point I even believed this was how it worked and made that same mistake.

It’s best to stagger your requests by 3 or 4 months, in other words, so you can check all three credit bureaus once per year.

What they offer you is NOT used by lenders or creditors; it’s merely a score for “educational purposes.” If you want to get your real FICO, there are several sources licensed to provide it directly to consumers as of Q2 2016: Even though checking your reports through the Annual Credit website won’t get you your scores, it’s a great way to check your credit health and to make sure all the information is accurate.

However, since going live, the site has been the source of quite a few complaints: The similarly titled Free Credit took a lot of criticism for its similar sounding name (side note: they now focus on their other site, Free Credit instead).

…this is still by far the best site to get your credit reports for free.

Despite the complaints, Annual Credit is NOT a scam.

Be warned: their website does NOT provide free credit scores! There are only four ways for consumers to get their real FICO scores.

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