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The program is updated frequently, and every time we add for the program new features and fixing bugs.

We also recorded a Youtube Video Tutorial to guide you step by step how to use and hack the Real Life Cam cameras.

247have been a strong and valued partner of GB Taekwondo for nearly 10 years and have grown with us as we have gone from Sky Sports Highlight shows through to the current production of our Grand Prix series which is Live on BBC TV and around the World with highlights on BT Sport.

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247have produced superb webcasts of our major finals and some international matches too.

The quality is there for all to see and has been tremendously received by our teams and players.

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When covering 12 sports live simultaneously, there is only one company in the UK who could do this in a cost effective but professional way.

247had extensive experience covering a number of the sports up to an international level so were able to bring in quality graphics and knowledge about the sport.

They always go the extra mile for us and produce great quality shows within a very tight budget.

They seem to always have new ideas for improving the services they provide to us and their team is very professional in all aspects when working with us.

They provide quality productions at an extremely competitive price and we have extended our relationship to cover international womens and U20 matches, schools, clubs and 7s.

Their enthusiasm and "can do attitude" make 247 a pleasure to work with and they are continually making improvements to their product.

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