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Freekey has made a habit of yelling his name in songs; it is his signature on tracks, whether he is featured or the sole artist. Zekey was shot on April 25, 2003, but has since recovered.

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However, it becomes clear very quickly that this is no mere smoke; rather, it is a massive ammonia leak, which causes the officer to collapse.

For the next several minutes, the sound of his chest mic cuts in and out, painfully documenting the man's dying breaths.

Perhaps that stand should go to the new guy hunting the property this year. If you aren’t familiar with that story, click here.

So, if this is a picture of a Bigfoot, I think he may have fallen on some hard times. Alright, alright, it’s just a bug reflecting off the infrared light that is somehow involved with the sun reflecting off Jupiter during a meteor shower or something. There were many eye witnesses and no real good explanations of what the lights really were. When I first started hunting back when I was a kid, those long walks to my stand before sunrise and those long walks back to the truck after dark were often pretty terrifying.

Be warned, however, some of the clips below contain graphic imagery. While there is no graphic imagery in this video, we do see a brick fly off of a semi truck and crash through the windshield, killing the passenger.

The most horrifying aspect of this footage is the driver's screams.

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