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She also published a book of photographs titled Hollywood Moms (2001) and even wrote three primarily non-photographic non-fiction books, Wishful Drinking, based on a 2006 one-woman stage show she and writer-director Joshua Ravetch had jointly developed, published in 2008, Shockaholic, published in 2011, and The Princess Diarist, which was published in 2016.Fisher wrote the 1993 episode of Lucas's TV series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles titled "Paris, October 1916." Fisher developed and appeared in two one-woman stage shows; the first, mentioned above, was Wishful Drinking, in which she appeared during 2006 and in 2008, and the second, in which she appeared during 2008, was called A Spy In The House Of Me.

We'll all love her forever and ever." Fisher was born Carrie Frances Fisher in Beverly Hills, California on October 21, 1956, the daughter of the singer Eddie Fisher and the actress Mary Frances "Debbie" Reynolds; her paternal grandparents were Jewish immigrants from Russia. Her half-sisters are actresses Joely Fisher and Tricia Leigh Fisher, whose mother is actress Connie Stevens.

When she was two years old, her parents divorced and her father married actress Elizabeth Rosamund Taylor.

The episode contained the first polished performance by Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi as their popular Blues Brothers characters, Joliet Jake (Belushi) and Elwood (Aykroyd); their performance as such actually preceded Fisher's hosting activities.

Fisher later appeared in The Blues Brothers movie as Joliet Jake's vengeful ex-lover, listed in the credits as "Mystery Woman." She is one of the few actors to star in movies with both John and Jim Belushi, later appearing with Jim in the film The Man with One Red Shoe.

The problem became so severe that John Landis nearly dismissed her from The Blues Brothers (1980) for being unable to sober up long enough to film a proper scene. Fisher's novel Postcards from the Edge—which was semi-autobiographical in the sense that she fictionalized events obviously from her real life, such as her drug addiction of the late 1970s and her complicated, precarious relationship with her mother, Mary Frances "Debbie" Reynolds—was published in 1987.

It became a sensational bestseller and she received the Los Angeles Pen Award for Best First Novel.

Frances Louise Fisher (born ) is a British-American actress. "'Home Improvement' Star Patricia Richardson Wasn't The First Choice To Play Jill Taylor (VIDEO)".

"…she will always be the princess who took command and never backed down. She was always helping the other guys get out of the messes they created.

She appeared as a debutante and dancer in the hit Broadway revival Irene (1973) starring her mother.

Soon after, Fisher enrolled at London's Central School of Speech and Drama, which she attended for 18 months.

The following year, her mother, Reynolds, married shoe store chain owner Harry Karl--who squandered Reynolds's life savings without the knowledge of either Reynolds or Fisher.

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