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“I just hit ’em.” She even tackles Tank when the opportunity arises.

Yeah, sure, the pantywaist do-gooders are complaining that her parents let her do this sort of thing.

When she was a kid, out there playing baseball with the boys, those who knew her competed to have her on their team.

Hadn’t ratted me out but was grounded because her old man thought I was another guy with the same name and a nasty rep. I wrote her Dad, told him what went down, where he could find me to prosecute if need be…and darned if he didn’t un-ground his daughter. They can get you into trouble from Pam All but one of my ex-wives were younger women as well.

The youngest, interestingly enough, was (and is) 14 years my junior.

Not just because she’s Super Triple A Awesome, which she is, but because in action she’s the spitting image of how I imagine Pam must have looked when she was eight years old. We the People are in for some hard times ahead, one way or another, as a result of this…mess. 2016 will arrive…and when it does, it will be the Democratic candidate who will need to look out for those younger women.

Because we have some, they will be ready to take on the challenge of a Presidential campaign by that time, and they are deadly. Susana Martinez (born July 14, 1959) is the 31st and current Governor of New Mexico.

Sam Gordon A Yahoo News article, complete with embedded viral You Tube video, introduced me to Sam Gordon today.

Sam is a nine year old girl who started playing football, tackle football, at the age of eight.

Linda, at just 13 years of age, was San Quentin quail all the way. It might help the reader to understand that at this point, despite my future marital record, I’d never yet made it all the way with a girl.

Neither knowing what I was doing nor pushing hard enough to fake it had cost me at least one girlfriend three years earlier, and things hadn’t gotten any better since. I’m pretty sure I’ve written about this before, and I know you’ve read every Hub I’ve published.

And she is something to look out for, in a big way.

Now battling more disability factors than Mitt Romney had swing state losses in the 2012 Presidential election, she’s not only a looker but a truly good person and qualified as a world class athlete back in the day.

At the time I dated 13 year old Linda, Faye would have been 4 years old.

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