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The Icelandic capital is the starting point for anyone’s Icelandic adventure.

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The Greenland shark is actually poisonous when eaten fresh so this is the only way that it can be safely consumed.

It has a high ammonia content, has a funny texture and most people eating it for the first time (if they can get past the smell) will gag.

One of the most touristy things to do in Reykjavik is eat fermented shark, also known as Hákarl.

Hákarl is typically a Greenland shark or basking shark that has literally been fermented in the ground for several weeks and is then hang-dried, with the process taking a few months before the shark is cut up and eaten.

Micro brews are becoming more popular in Iceland, however, they are a bit behind the times since they have only been allowed to drink beer since 1989 after a (give or take) 75-year prohibition on this sweet nectar.

Try out the Taste of Saga brewery tour at the Ölgerðin Brewery.

They still built the hotel above the longhouse but made the bottom floor into a museum so you can actually walk inside and see it preserved still today.

One of the most multimedia-friendly and interactive museums you will probably ever visit.

In Reykjavik there are actually a couple public thermal pools that you can pay a few dollars to visit.

Sundhöllin is a public swimming pool in the city and not only do they have a large pool inside but they have two thermal pools heated at varying temperatures outside.

Iceland is a wonderful and friendly country that’s perhaps best known for volcanos and vikings, but one of their best-kept secrets is their amazing police force.

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