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A tabular register of the days in a year, usually arranged by month and within each month by week, sometimes indicating the dates of important events such as national and religious holidays.To learn about the history of calendars, see : calendar year and perpetual calendar.The Julian calendar (365 days with an extra day every four years) was adopted from the Romans, but the Roman civil year (beginning on January 1) was replaced by the Christian year in the 7th century.

An early photographic print mounted on 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 inch card stock, often a commercial portrait or vignette with the photographer's imprint across the bottom or on the back. Synonymous with A modem designed to operate over cable television lines, instead of telephone lines, providing faster data transmission because the coaxial cable used by cable TV companies has higher bandwidth.

Early albumen prints are in sepia and later examples are in silver tones and rich blacks, printed on gelatin papers introduced in the 1870s. With millions of homes in the United States already wired for cable TV, Internet access via cable modem is growing.

In medieval manuscripts used in Church services and private devotion, a calendar section often preceded the text, identifying the feast days celebrated in the region.

The most important were highlighted in red ink ("red letter days") with other colors used to indicate degrees of importance.

Click here to see an 18th-century example, courtesy of the Royal Library of Denmark.

To see other examples, try a keywords search on the term in A large capital letter composed of sweeping pen strokes creatively embellished with wide parallel calligraphic flourishes and occasional cross-strokes, giving the letterform the appearance of a versal.

His career as an illustrator got a boost the following year with the publication of Washington Irving's .

Lodging near The British Museum in the heart of Bloomsbury, Caldecott made many friends in artistic and literary circles and became the most popular Victorian illustrator of children's books.

In A leather binding made from the skin of a calf usually no more than a few weeks old.

Its soft, smooth, unblemished surface made it the preferred material in England for hand-binding trade editions but not on the Continent, where printed books were usually sold in paper covers to be custom-bound at the discretion of the purchaser.

Today, cable systems deliver hundreds of channels, many providing specialized programming, to approximately 60 million U. homes, and high-speed Internet access to a growing number of people.

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