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Women are taught that being thin will make them attractive to men.

Men are taught that staying in shape makes them strong and capable.

I have chosen to write this piece because I have known and loved many queer men throughout my life.

Researching and writing this piece led to some candid, revealing conversations with my queer male friends; I also realized that this topic affects many queer men and needs to be addressed.

Men experience societal pressure, and men live with eating and exercise disorders.

It is believed that gay men are more likely to develop eating disorders than their straight counterparts, and the social climate of the gay male community undoubtedly triggers those living with eating disorders.

Gay men are taught to want to be attractive to other men to appear strong and capable.

Even though many feminist outlets discuss fatphobia and body image as primarily female issues, we must remember that men are affected, too.

Usually, feminist blogs tend to frame fatphobia and its manifestation in body image as a problem that mostly affects women.

But men face similar pressure to be thin that women do, though the reasoning is different.

Not to mention, straight people who don’t have close relationships with openly gay men most likely have no idea which issues gay men face within their communities.

Unless you know queer men or you are one yourself, you probably have no idea just how many queer men struggle with eating disorders, exercise disorders, and/or incredibly negative body image.

Queer male body image, however, is one of many “Gay Issues” that all too often gets swept under the rug, partially because of its social nature.

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