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Daddy OFive screams at Cody for several minutes while older brother Jake taunts and tackles the much smaller child.

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Update: About a week after this post originally published, the biological mother of two of the children in this story announced that she had gained temporary emergency custody. A psychologist who treats abused children watched three of Daddy OFive’s videos at our request for this post.

Daddy OFive built enough of a fan base to make a living off his monetized You Tube channel, but to most onlookers, the videos he posted looked a lot like abuse.

While a You Tube video really isn’t enough to get a full picture of what’s going on within a family, “one’s own emotional reactions (in a healthy and functional individual) to such stimuli can often be useful guideposts for determine an appropriate response,” he said.

In other words, when deciding whether to report a You Tube video such as Daddy OFive’s to moderators or authorities, it’s okay to trust your gut.

Mike Martin — Daddy OFive to his family You Tube channel’s 750,000 subscribers — follows along behind with the camera as Cody runs upstairs. Go deeper into Daddy OFive’s You Tube channel archives, and that gut feeling gets worse.

The video is difficult to watch; it feels wrong in your gut.“The more I dove into this channel’s history, the more concerned I became,” Philip De Franco, a well-known You Tuber, told his viewers in the first of three videos about Daddy OFive last week.He wasn’t the first to raise concerns about Daddy OFive, but he was the first major You Tube personality to talk about the story. “We realize we have made some terrible parenting decisions, and we just want to make things right,” Heather Martin says in the video.“But there needs to be people, once the Internet mob moves on, who work for real lasting change for those people.” The solution to the Daddy OFive problem is more complicated than an angry mob that moves on with time.But the way the controversy began, Caffaro indicated, was a result of You Tubers doing the right thing.He said he “was distressed and had trouble sitting through the videos forwarded.” Said John Caffaro, a distinguished professor at the California School of Professional Psychology and an expert in sibling abuse: “There is little question in my mind that the three videos depict abusive behavior between parents and children as well as between siblings.

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