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To make your Tamagotchi sleep longer, turn off the lights when it goes to bed.To get an overweight Tamagotchi to lose weight, play one of the games.

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Do not overfeed it with snacks or it will get a toothache.

To get your Tamagotchi to play Hide and Seek, set the time to and wait one minute.

To evolve into a rare Tamagotchi, make two to four of the Happy Lover Hearts go away, then make them go up by playing games. To get older faster, play Jump four times in a row then play Bump four times in a row.

To get your Tamagotchi back when it dies, Hold when the egg appears. Note: This only works when your Tama is a child, teen, and adult.

For debug mode, remove the screws from your Tamagotchi.

You will then see four smaller screws in each corner. Take your Tamagochi apart, and remove the battery in the left corner.

Use a pencil to depress this circle once, then reassemble the Tamagotchi.

Turn it on and press until you get to the character you want.

To choose any Tamagotchi, remove the back panel where the battery is located, then unscrew the other screws.

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