Ex boyfriend is dating another girl

Him and I really hit it off and I really enjoy his company.

We kept seeing each other casually and then my ex popped back into the picture.

We spoke of marriage and I thought we were pretty happy. I finally let it go I block him from all social medias and Whats App even calls ...

He ignored me for a few days then I confronted him over text where he told me that he was going on a date saturday.

He planned it two days after our talk and wanted to go on it and assess his feelings afterward.

He told me there was a spot for me at his table and if that I showed up he knew things weren’t over, but if I did not come he knew he needed to move on.

He would always love me and have hope, but would continue on with his life.

He broke up with me because he said he lost the excitement for the relationship, he was no longer drawn to me and didn’t love me anymore.

Time went on and we had contact here and there, nothing major just a few texts or hanging out for dinner. I’ll admit it was a little early, but I needed the pick me up so to speak.

I told him no, that I was done and I wanted to see where things went with the new guy.

That I cared deeply for him, but was no longer “In love” with him and we could only be friends.

He explained to me that he experienced depression and began pushing away the most important people in his life.

The entire time he never gave up on me or stopped loving me and he was trying to fight his way back to me, but knew he couldn’t come back until he was fully healed otherwise he would be toxic for me and the relationship.

He started sending me flowers, letters, bought me gifts for my birthday, and would tell me how much he aboslutely loved me and knew we were soulmates.

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