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Physicians do not consistently record the use of CAMsh on patients' charts.

This may lead to unrecognized, potentially harmful drug-herb/drug-supplement interactions.

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METHODS: This cross-sectional analysis compared results of a convenience sample survey with medical charts.

Participants were older than 65 and from an urban academic hospital's ambulatory geriatrics practice.

Furthermore, whereas throughout development L1 has a molecular form similar to that seen in other parts of the developing and adult central nervous systems, N-CAM and, in particular, N-CAM 180 retain their highly sialylated form at least partially throughout all ages studied.

These observations suggest that E-N-CAM and N-CAM 180 are characteristic of developmentally active structures and L1 may not only be involved in neurite outgrowth, but also in stabilization of contacts among fasciculating axons and between axons and ensheathing cells, as it has previously been found in the developing peripheral nervous system.

L1 remains prominent throughout development on axonal processes, both at contacts with other axons and with ensheathing cells.

Contrary to N-CAM 180 which remains detectable on differentiating sensory neuronal cell bodies, L1 is only transiently expressed on these and is no longer detectable on primary olfactory neuronal cell bodies in the adult.

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BACKGROUND: Older adults are increasingly using complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) dietary supplements and herbal remedies, but may not discuss this with their physicians.

When patients do report using CAM, their physicians may not record this information in patient charts.

N-CAM was slightly expressed and L1 was not significantly expressed in the olfactory placode on Embryonic Day 9, the earliest stage tested.

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