Eunji and seo in guk dating

Despite its flaws and indulgent streaks, Answer Me 1994 is a lovely little show that’s peopled by likable, bubbly characters that not only feel real, but also feel like they’re real friends with one another.The characters and their relationships are the shining jewels crowning this show, and together, they shine so brightly that it’s not hard to overlook the occasional uneven writing, the consistently bloated episodes and the dreaded Who’s The Hubs game that Show inherited from its predecessor Answer Me 1997.

The multi-talented singer-songwriter has penned many of her own songs.

She released her first album as a solo artist in April 2016, titled ‘Dream’.

Her duet ‘All for You’ with her ‘Reply 1997’ co-star Seo In-guk, was an origin soundtrack and topped the charts in 2012.

Eun-ji is known for her marvellous voice range and charming personality.

But the rumors were swiftly shot down by their respective agencies, as they stated that they were just friends.

Korean media outlets had reported, “Seo In Guk and Sunny are currently dating.Añadieron: “Los detalles de su concepto serán revelados más adelante”.El 3 de Abril a la medianoche KST, la cantante reveló una imagen para su segundo mini álbum “Space” (título provisional), el cual es un perfecto lanzamiento para primavera.She has worked in three films since then, namely, ‘That Winter, the Wind Blows’, ‘Cheer Up! She has sung numerous tracks individually and with Apink, and garnered a huge fan following since the band’s debut in 2011.Her most popular singles such as ‘Hopefully Sky’, ‘The Space’ and, ‘The Spring’, were smashing hits and ranked in the local top 10 lists for weeks.En Noviembre del 2010 audiciona para Cube Entertainment aunque su sueño inicial era ser entrenadora vocal en su audición la confirmaron como vocalista principal del grupo Apink después dicha empresa solo le dio 6 meses de entrenamiento en baile para poder mejorar sus habilidades y así debutar.

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