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See: A Philosophy of Erotic Visual Art, by Rick Garlikov As we see things, Sex and Erotica are profound and fundamental aspects of our biological and cultural evolution.

We can cultivate and share these beautiful things, and enjoy their growth, or we can ignore them and allow them to fade from our minds and lives.

So what is the difference between pornography and eroticism?

In our opinion, pornography is always sexually explicit.

It is not necessarily arousing (particularly if the people involved do not appear to be truly enjoying themselves), nor is pornography genuinely interested in artistic merit.

Good quality eroticism, unlike pornography, is generally less sexually explicit and always sexually arousing to the viewer.And they do this for the same kinds of artistic or communicative (or whatever) reasons that one might try to capture, point out, or express any human quality, emotion, or insight.So I think one element that can contribute to erotic art's being good is its capturing or portraying some of the things that might make sex good, such as the joy and/or pleasure it can cause, such as the excitement and the calm it can bring, such as its sometimes gentleness, such as its allowing a communion or sharing of spirits or feelings or moods, such as its art to allow the simultaneous giving and receiving of pleasure, and any of the vast variety of things there are that make sex sometimes a wonderful, erotic artistic experience.We also hope to encourage nice intelligent (artistic erotic) people to contribute their own free erotica stories and erotic art.Any comments / suggestions on creating a quality erotic art website (that both women and men would enjoy) would be greatly appreciated.(3) If sex and sensuality are something both men and women can find wonderful and/or can enjoy equally, then I see no reason why art which deals with it should by its nature be one-sided or degrading to one sex.

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