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Hi everyone I love taking enemas when I feel the need for a good cleanout - I went and brought a JBL Sit on enema bag & to tell the truth it's a real bloating experience - when I brought it I read the box & the information that cam with it & noticed that it fills 6 qrts & then...Older gentleman looking for a female enema buddy in the Las Vegas valley area. Prefer someone over the age of 40 who is into the enema experience, and wants to enjoy it with someone else.I'm new at posting anything on here, but here goes. I'm now 20, F and recently got turned on by them on line while chatting with a guy on line.

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Since it was the weekend I had laid out an entire female outfit and had gotten as far as bra, panties, waist cinch and attached hose. In a few minutes I am going to prepare a nice warm soapy enema just for pleasure. I tend toward constipation, so I love to give and receive enemas. Love the feel of the pushing and the pulling of the large, hard plastic nozzle in me. I take enemas every now and then, when I feel like I need one. I love the feeling of pushing it into my butt and then inflating it. At the early age my enemas were given with a bulb syringe. My girl friend recently got in to enemas after her friend told her she takes them before anal so my girl friend has been taking them for about four months now.

The shirtwaist skirt and slip were still on the bed... I especially like urine, castile soap, salt water, coffee, Coke, or milk enemas. the pressure and movement of the nozzle against my prostate keeps me on edge. I love the hose going to my butt and pumping me full of liquid. I started getting enemas when I was twelve years old. By the age of 15 I graduated my daily enemas from the 2 qt. Any way we was online looking at sex toys and she seen colon tubes and she wanted one. My very first master was the first person to introduce me to enemas.

She also said she was going to teach me how to pee like a girl.

This all seemed Ok with me as my "other side" seems to be getting out more and more.

just took 1 and thinking about taking another in a little bit.

what do other people like to do while holding an ene.me?It was just another step in her total dominiation of me based on her frustration at my unwillingness to own up to the reality that I am a crossdresser.I mention this last part because these enemas are always...They told me to take a warm shower and come lay on the bed.Of course I had an idea I was gonna get some good loving and caring from them.I have loved enemas all my life - I started when I was young - I found my dad's stash of **** mags and videos - at first I was intrigued then I decided to try what was going on in the videos - since my dad was at work all day this left me alone with bananas and ice cubes and boy...

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