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Little is known, however, about how γ-Pcdh function is regulated by other factors.

Here I show that PKC phosphorylates a serine residue situated within the shared γ-Pcdh C-terminus; PKC phosphorylation disrupts the γ-Pcdhs’ inhibition of FAK.

Using the K-12 strain MG1655 gene reporter live cell array, the present study investigated relationships between toxic potencies of each fraction, expression of genes and characterization of chemicals in each of five acutely toxic and one non-toxic extract of OSPW derived by use of effects-directed analysis.

Effects on expressions of genes related to response to oxidative stress, protein stress and DNA damage were indicative of exposure to acutely toxic extracts of OSPW.

Abscission consists in the detachment of entire vegetative and reproductive organs due to cell separation processes occurring at the abscission zones (AZs) at specific positions of the plant body.

From an evolutionary point of view, abscission is a highly advantageous process resulting into fruit and seed dispersal as well as the shedding of no longer useful organs.

► A description of the abscission process and the role in abscission of the major plant hormones is provided.

► Current knowledge regarding the molecular factors that take part in the ontogeny and activation of the AZ is discussed.Here, we review the current knowledge of the physiological, genetic and genomic aspects related to abscission including the most recently disclosed putative regulators that appear to be implicated in the development and/or activation of the AZs.► Abscission is introduced as a production-limiting factor for crop species.► An anatomical description of the abscission zone (AZ) is provided and divergences in AZ location among species are discussed.► Divergences between abscission in Arabidopsis and crop species are discussed.at 37–45°C, this paper attempts to elucidate the mechanisms underlying the thermostabilization of poliovirus.In an agricultural context, however, abscission may become a major limiting factor for crop productivity.

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