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One night, as I walked through the front door, she looked up and, with tears in her eyes, said simply, "Stephen, it's not true." I, too, had come to my own conclusions about the alleged "historicity" of the Book of Mormon, having determined that it, along with the Church bearing its name, were most likely man-made creations.But Mary Ann and I wanted to give the Church one last chance to explain itself.By the time she was finished, she literally had a Book of Many Colors.

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Mary Ann took out her small paperback copy of the Book of Mormon (the one highlighted by dozens of color-coded cross references) and presented it to Oaks and Maxwell as Exhibit A.

She told them that it seemed obvious to her that Spaulding and the Bible served as source material for the creation of the Book of Mormon.

For those of you interested in some recent, intriquing and innovative research on possible 19th-century origins of the Book of Mormon, please check out a couple of articles by a local Arizona ex Mo friend of mine, Tom Donofrio.

(By way of background, Tom is a temple-married RM, formerly employed by the Church, who had his name removed earlier this year).

She has also been featured in television and radio broadcasts nationwide.

Her BYUTV In Performance special, "Silver Screen Serenade", features Baker performing music from her 2008 album of the same name.She has collaborated with Gladys Knight, Marvin Hamlisch, Lisa Hopkins Seegmiller, Kurt Bestor, and the former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.Baker's music has been featured on the soundtracks of many films, including Helen Whitney's 2007 PBS documentary miniseries, The Mormons, T. Christensen's 2011 film, 17 Miracles and 2015 film The Cokeville Miracle, and Mitch Davis' 2015 film, Stuck which also features her acting debut as the violinist character, Mandy. of Utah awarded her the Governor’s Mansion Artist Award for excellence in artistic expression.So we made up a list of what we regarded as some of our most serious questions that we wished to pose to leading Church authorities.My father (Mark Benson) agreed to facilitate a meeting with Neal Maxwell.Several of her albums have listed on Billboard charts, including her 2010 album Then Sings My Soul; her 2012 album, Noël: Carols of Christmas Past which was produced and arranged by composer Kurt Bestor featuring vocalist Alex Sharpe; and her 2014 album Classic: The Rock Album.

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