28 year old woman dating 40 year old man - Edelsten dating scandal

“I won’t go into detail but it definitely wasn’t a surprise how they found him.” Hutchence tracked Taylor down after seeing her 1991 magazine cover as Penthouse Pet of the Year.“I had a phone call saying someone from a band wanted my number and to maybe meet up.She shocked Australia last week after ending her engagement to comedian Brett Hunter to start a lesbian relationship with busty blonde Coby Boatman.

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The garment was so short that Brynne had to hold down the hemline to protect her modesty.

Brynne's ex-fiance Brett recently revealed that the blonde's lesbian fling came as to a complete surprise to him, as he never knew that she was 'into girls.''It was a bit of a shock,' Brett told KIIS Network’s Hughesy & Kate.'It's all new to me,' said the despondent dad-of-two.

He continued: 'I really liked her, she's a good chick and I don't want to say anything bad about her.' Brett also alleged that they hadn't actually officially called off their relationship when photos emerged of Brynne locking lips with bombshell Coby.'She [Brynne] wanted some space a couple of weeks ago...' he said, leaving host Hughesy flabbergasted.

However, Brett added that the relationship is 'definitely off' now, but that he had nothing but well wishes for his former fiancee.'Good luck to her, if she wants to do that she's gonna do that,' he said. .'Brynne announced her engagement to Brett back in June on Facebook.

It’s true, I was.”James’ marriage to Prudence ‘Prue’ Shaw, who married in 1968 in Cambridge, broke up in 2012 after a former model Leanne Edelsten admitted to an eight-year affair with the writer.

“And it’s part of my subject and I mustn’t be too facile about it, or actually talk too much about it because I have a pact with my family that they’ll execute me if I do.“But yes, I could have behaved a lot better. In the gentle interview, James also touched on his long-standing atheism.

'She's known Coby for a couple of years but she never saw this coming,' the insider revealed.

It is also claimed that the pair were currently house hunting and had planned to 'shack up' together by the weekend.

"Before that I’d gone to an event where he was and we made eye contact, I think him getting my number stemmed from that party. "He told me that he went to a studio in Sydney and my magazine was on one of the coffee tables so he’d checked me out.

"It wasn’t a one night thing, we stayed in touch for a while, I’d meet him on the Gold Coast or in Sydney. I found him very shy, but such a lovely, lovely guy.

After leaving their dinner, the pair walked down the street arm in arm, with Brynne's arm slung over her girlfriend's shoulder.

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