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Or was it the dramatic, rollercoaster love story of Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf? It made total sense, considering both characters were major schemers and had a compelling dark side that made them a natural pairing.

Though there was a lot happening on the Upper East Side, Chuck and Blair’s romance was basically the center of the show — especially in its last few seasons — but did you know it wasn’t always meant to be? (Sorry, Nate.) They decided that Chuck and Blair would be together forever, but in true teen soap opera fashion, they had to jump through more than a few hoops …

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Marie-Laure avait encore l’espoir que je revienne en arrière ». Depuis sa participation à l’Amour est dans le pré, l’agriculteur est très sollicité.

« Elle aurait souhaité qu’on continue, elle me l’a confié devant Karine Le Marchand pendant l’interview. L’interview a vraiment marqué la fin de notre relation », fait savoir Raphaël. Pas question cependant pour lui de se précipiter, suite à son erreur avec Marie-Laure. Je me suis un petit peu emporté et laissé éblouir par cette envie.

Her costars have helped: "We're all young," she explains, "and everyone was new to New York, so we've had so much fun.

I've heard horror stories from other actors about egos, people who don't get along, but we're all friends.

like an ill-fated romance between Blair and Dan and Chuck’s struggle with the loss of his father, the dastardly Bart Bass.

Said Josh, “That love story between those two characters was always one of the overarching stories of the whole show, and we knew that."We go to dinners, have nights by ourselves and fun romantic times in general.And I like just cuddling up on the couch." And as soon as .Three days later, my manager calls to tell me that I'd been with the show's ecutive producer and one of the creators and they want me to audition." Less than a week after that, Jessica was on her way to New York. Of course, she was originally booked for only a three-episode stint; three seasons later, she's still around.Her character, Vanessa, who at first "had only Dan Humphrey as a friend," has become an integral part of the show, romancing Nate, scheming against Blair, and, yes, engaging in a controversy-baiting (if mostly off-camera) three-way.Her thick, dark hair is pulled into a ponytail and she's wearing very little makeup.

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