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This all results in what can only be described as a truly endearing performance.

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In other words, each of the four actors hit every little nuanced note – whether they’re in the midst of violence, in the throes of love or whether they’re being as awkward on a first date as anyone can be.

As Jim, Danny Morgan will immediately latch onto the audience.

But little do they know that the femmes fatales want to make Jim lose much more than just his virginity - Getting laid has never been so bloody difficult.

birthday, awkward but sweet virgin Jim (writer Danny Morgan) is heading out on a double date with his best buddy Alex (Michael Socha).

Once it starts, it seemingly never ends – and every single moment will fill you with joy.

And (wait for it) there’s a little button to the fight which is as obvious a place to end – but it’ll still fill you with happiness. The film’s climax is surprising to say the least – and certainly offers up enough creepy terror to qualify this firmly as a HORROR/comedy.

The night before, they’ve met two lovely sisters, Lulu (Georgia Groome) and Kitty (Kelly Wenham) – and Alex has made it his sole goal to finally get Jim laid.

But as you’ll learn in the film’s opening moments (so this is not a spoiler, friends), Lulu and Kitty are blood-thirsty killers of an occult nature.

And will pull on some heart-strings – most notably when the long-standing bro-mance between Alex and Jim is strengthened/tested by what they are going through. And on the topic of Lulu and Jim – you’ll probably see what’s coming, but the culmination in the film’s short denouement is touching and surprisingly heart-breaking.

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