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If you break the Law of Gravity by jumping off a hundred story building there is a short time delay before you feel any pain.

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One of the seven Hermetic principles which underpins Universal Law is the principle of rhythm which states that in everything there is manifested a measured motion and the swing of the pendulum to the right is the measure of the swing of the pendulum to the left.

This means that if an individual commits acts that are extremely out of alignment with Universal Law such as psychologically torturing somebody over a period of many years then he has pulled back the pendulum to its furthest reaches so that under the principle of rhythm when the pendulum finally swings back in his direction it will create extreme chaos in his life, for example he might experience paralysis or blindness. The Universal Laws follow you to your grave and beyond.

The effects of your behaviour will reach you in the fullness of time.

Some organised religions and new age belief systems externalise God.

Please accept that the fundamental base upon which our legal system in Ireland and throughout the wider world is founded is wrong.

Our legal system which is now erroneously based on the principle of moral relativism should be based on Natural Law.

The fundamental axioms upon which our world view is based should never be moral relativism which is one of the four evil tenets of Satanism.

It aught to be Natural Law which is more commonly known as Universal Law.

A deep understanding and integration of the Natural Law principles by humanity is what the Dark Occultists fear the most. The Dark Occultists wish us to adopt a poisoned world view mindset based on Satanic principles, so that they can control us more easily. Our rights can not be taken from us regardless of what anything scribbled down in a law book may happen to say, or regardless of any claims which might be made by people who think that they are God in this world, and can take whatever power that their ability to wage violence affords them.

They push this poisoned world view mindset on us through main-stream media and the public school system, which they control behind the scenes. They are a birth right that we have that can never be separated from us. Law makers can not make something moral or immoral simply by decreeing it so.

A few seconds later, you hit the pavement at a hundred miles an hour.

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