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Season 1 was presented by Marco Schreyl (also the host of Deutschland sucht den Superstar - the German version of Pop Idol).

The auditions took place in Cologne, Hamburg, Oldenburg and Munich and approximately 5000 people applied for the three-part show.

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Admittedly, I watched this piece with already VERY low expectations.

Dieter Bohlen is a rather untalented composer parvenu whose lack of talent is only surpassed by the size of his ego.

Not even the expense of 6.5 Mega Euros were able to save this utter piece of crap. IMDb wants an English comment, so I'll post the German version in the forum.

Dieter Bohlen and his Ex-Wifes/Partners are a center of popular trash culture in Germany, where mediocre "artists" rule the headlines with their (sex)scandals and other self made "news".

Former DSDS runner-up Juliette Schoppmann appeared on the show after 10 years she was last seen on RTL.

Schoppmann, who originally saw success following her second place, was eventually was dropped by her label and failed to make a comeback. In second place was Christian Bakotessa (singer; 19,56 %), and third, 3rd Dan Sperry (illusionist; 13,75 %).

Dieter Bohlen remained as a judge but the two others were replaced by Bruce Darnell (an American model and choreographer who also judges Germany's Next Topmodel) and Sylvie van der Vaart (a Dutch TV presenter and former wife of footballer Rafael van der Vaart). 44-year-old harmonica player Michael Hirte won the second season with 72.62 percent of the vote and won the 100,000 euros with it. Due to the high viewing figures in the second season, RTL Television increased the number of the audition episodes from 4 to 7 and the number of the semifinalists from 24 to 30. The first episode had some of the best quotes of all the seasons: 7.47 million viewers.

On 5 December he released an album called Der Mann mit der Mundharmonika (The Man with the Mouth-organ) which placed #1 on the German Charts and did the same little later in Austria and Switzerland. On 20 December 2009, Yvo Antoni went on to win the show, for his act with his dog, which received a controversial response. The second episode the following day topped that with 7.74 million viewers. Freddy Sahin-Scholl won the competition and €100.000.

Dieter Bohlen (2007-present)Bruce Darnell (2008–10; 2013–present)Ruth Moschner (2007)Andreas Sarasani (2007)Sylvie van der Vaart (2008–11)Motsi Mabuse (2011)Thomas Gottschalk (2012)Michelle Hunziker (2012)Lena Gercke (2013–2014)Guido Maria Kretschmer (2013–2014)Inka Bause (2015–)Das Supertalent is the German talent show and part of the internationally successful Got Talent franchise, presented by Marco Schreyl, who was joined by Daniel Hartwich from the second season onwards.

Just like in all other versions of the franchise, auditions take place and the judges review their talent and then later the home audience votes in an election to deem who wins.

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