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The eruption is extremely itchy and may keep patients awake at night.

DH may be present at any age but most commonly begins between the ages of 15-40.

Although the drugs will control the rash of DH very quickly, ie.

within days, the rash will recur equally quickly when drugs are discontinued.

Thus, the dose may be increased or decreased after initial treatment. The commonest reaction is so-called haemolytic anaemia.

Unfortunately all three drugs used to control the rash in DH may have side effects. Others are neuropathy (damage to nerves), depression, headache and (rarely) damage to the liver and bone marrow.

Although the test is simple, it is important a laboratory experienced in the procedure undertakes the examination of the skin.

The diagnosis of DH can also be confirmed with the same tests as used for diagnosing CD, ie.It is a rare disease in the UK with the incidence being approximately ,000.The first suggestion that patients with DH also have an enteropathy identical to coeliac disease (CD) was made in 1967.Until the discovery of the association of DH with CD the treatment of DH was solely with drugs.Now there is a more satisfactory and less hazardous treatment with a gluten free diet; although, it must be appreciated that drugs will control the rash within days but the diet will not.Dermatitis herpetiformis (DH) was first described as a distinct clinical entity in 1884 by an American dermatologist, Louis Duhring.

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