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Behind the camera I’m in my element bringing out people’s uniqueness, power, and beauty.

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I recommend this program to everyone, even those who do not think they have fears! ” —Heather Harrington, President, Vitalan, Inc, Chicago, IL“Kim Castle has created a masterful five-step process to release fear by instantly pulling out the ‘weeds’ of subconscious beliefs that choke us back.

While the CD works powerfully on the subconscious, the workbook guides the conscious mind to work with the subconscious in a healing adventure that amounts to a year of psychotherapy.

The main thing that inspires me and excites me is that I have a new vision for my company. I encourage everyone to participate in this program. I’ve done tons of personal development work and I’ve gotten so much out of this, it’s so worth it.”—Tracey James, Founder, Women in Prosperity, Los Angeles, CA“When I first started my brand-new business, I was on a roller coaster one day saying, “I can do this.

I know enough,” and the next day saying, “No, I can’t do this.” “Yes, I can.” “No, I can’t.” Addressing those fears was a big issue before I started working with you.

All of the emotion of the fear dissipated instantly.

I was so thrilled with it, I want to incorporate something similar in my animal intuitive training, as I find fears often creep up and immobilize my students.” —Lynn Mc Kenzie, Animal Energy “Jumping into the Private Power Path program with Kim and Vito was a huge leap of faith for me.Sandy “We got more clarity of our business future working with Brand U and we’re only half way through Power Path.” “We went through all of the programs of IBI, CEO Space, and a solid year of business coaching.We got more clarity of our business future working with you and we’re only half way through Power Path. ” —Steve & Celia Kirshenbaum, Beyond Tutoring, Parkland, FL“I’ve gotten so much out of the Power Path processes.First I used Kim’s fear processing method to clear the obvious fears that kept me up at night.As those big fears subsided, I used the method whenever I was procrastinating—since the root of my procrastination was usually fear!After years of going in circles trying to a) understand my vision and b) make it a reality, I walked away after an intensive 4 weeks with a map for the next 10 years and an empire infrastructure that consists of not one, but FOUR companies each with multiple divisions.

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