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If your browser displays the document directly, you can print as many copies as you like - and you're done.

Choose one from the several options available, for example, Match, Eharmony, Match Affinity, Zoosk, Plenty of Fish and Dating Direct, and advance to the home page.

Enter your search requirements; for example, gender and age range. Note: Although you can look at a user's profile on the majority of websites for free, you will not be able to send a message unless you register with that particular service.

I hope they'll find it entertaining and inspiring, and it will provide them with an opportunity to visit our website and join us.

If each member sends the newsletter to ten friends - that's a lot of people!

I spend much of my life thinking about eating more green vegetables, but the poundage which actually finds its way down my gullet is depressingly small. Founder's BLOG | An ex-magistrate's BLOG |About Us | Frequently Asked Questions | Let's Fix Britain in the Media | Contact Us | Join Us | Donate | Philosophies | If I Ruled the World | Does Investigative Journalism Work?

The important thing here is to actually get out and do something, so please make a date with yourself and your PC to send out that broadcast, tie a knot in your hanky to remind you to tell your chums, and list the places you can approach to display posters. | For and Against | Do Consumer Affairs Programs Work?

The power of this is that - with no effort from you - our name gets out there with every e-mail you send - and every e-mail which you sent that's forwarded.

You'll forget it's there, but it will be working for us.

If you can give them our URL on paper you'll be far more effective.

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