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The following isn’t a strict progression, but profiles will in general proceed along the lines.

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There is a particular class of these profiles made up of girls seeking attention.

Guys generally don’t seek attention that won’t theoretically lead to sexual satisfaction; girls do.

I would never generalize to the point of saying there aren’t members of both genders trolling the web for sex partners,[5] but the ratio of them to people looking for a more involved, or at least prolonged, relationship is no different online than offline, and online it falls in favor of the prolonged.

Women, and some men, go on dating sites to get a more thorough testing phase before committing to conversation, phone numbers, and bed.

It was our job, literally, to confuse an audience’s reason with calibrated sexuality, and in an instant, a short lifetime of sensibility and empathy can be replaced by the quest for a firmer, whiter set of tits and an Asian chick who looks like a teenager. If editing for cleavage to sell Viagra ripoffs is a kind of murder, working at a dating site is a genocide.

It’s the steroid enraged king of popularity contests.

The technophobic aversion to online dating usually has something to do with fears of seeming desperate, or the more amorphous fear of The Machine Taking Over Our Lives.[2] Online dating is mostly just like bar dating: attractive women are swarmed by creeps, intelligent people people occasionally find each other, charismatic men can get laid whenever they want, the awkward remain awkward, insincerity is punished, and sincerity is hit or miss.

The oddest thing about most of these vague critiques of web-based trysts is that they fail to take into account the fact that the people involved still have meet and like each other for anything exciting to happen, so ultimately, you’re still dating the “normal way.” You, as an individual, neither gain nor lose by taking your game online.

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