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“Healthy boundaries are needed for productive and effective interactions at work.

Healthy boundaries create safety to be a team and be productive at work.” Not to mention, this sort of app could make people who are married uncomfortable, she says (though Trifonov says in the release that you can mute the bot should you not want to “play”).

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He concedes, though: “I'm not speaking about anything sexual, necessarily.

But right now we're stuck in an old paradigm: workplace policies should evolve to reflect human nature more fully, rather than suppress parts of it as they do now.” What Trifonov does not recognize is that this “paradigm” isn’t “suppression;” it’s keeping the workplace professional.

If you’re considering dating someone at work, the following guidelines can increase the odds of the experience being one you’ll enjoy rather than regret: Understand the policies of your company or organization. Others permit it with full disclosure to supervisors.

Still others require a signed contract or agreement, which stipulates workplace protocol to avoid conflicts of interest.

There’s also a good chance that, working for the same employer, the two of you enjoy similar work hours and holidays. Will dating someone at work change the way co-workers or supervisors regard you?

You also bring to a new relationship a shared “world,” complete with friends, colleagues, goals, and even values. Will your relationship become topic of office gossip? There’s also the matter of how your dating relationship might impact job performance.

Feeld tries to do its due diligence, by encouraging several tenets of decency on its website: “consent is key,” “be nice/don’t be a D,” “discrimination sucks (and is illegal),” and “work is work.” But cute, ass-covering copy doesn’t take away from some of the obvious reasons installing a third party bot into Slack is problematic.

First of all, that’s not why your employers gave you Slack to use; you’re now using a bot that wasn’t approved by your company; it’s definitely going to make people uncomfortable; you’re trying to hook up with someone on the company’s dime and you’re even leaving a paper trail while doing so. The point, though, is that’s different than installing software to find romance.

Would working together post-relationship be comfortable or even possible?

If not, could you transfer to another department or location?

Make sure that by dating someone at work, you’re not breaking rules and putting both of your jobs in jeopardy.

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