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The middle layer contains trash generated by houses or businesses, deposited after the pit stopped being used as a privy.At the top is a layer of fill material dumped in to seal the hole.Archaeologists generally find three layers in an old privy pit.

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Embossed product names allow for the purported cures to be determined. Jayne’s Tonic Vermifuge from the Reel family privy was supposed to “rid their bodies of the worms and clear out their nests.” The same privy also contained a bottle of Warner’s Safe Kidney and Liver Cure, which was supposed to cure kidney or liver disease, “female complaint,” constipation, and many other ailments.

A unique find was a pessary from the Millar family privy.

Joey misses the birth because he is taken in because he had kidney stones.

Another funny bit when the other boy baby turns out to be a girl baby and they still name it Chandler. Kindergarten Flashback" Another funny and also emotional episode especially at the end when she realises she has to give up the babies in spite on asking Rachel if she would ask Frank and Alice if she could keep one.

Chandler and Monica arrive late and are quizzed by the gang to where they have been.

The doctor Pheobe wanted was not available so the "Fonzie" doctor comes in. Rachel finds herself and Monica two cute nurses to go out with, but Monica refuses as she is secretly with Chandler.

A backhoe equipped with a wide scraping blade pulled up asphalt pavement and the concrete floors of the bus terminal, and then stripped away debris down to the underlying hard caliche layer, exposing 100 features.

These included building foundations, a well, animal burials, and eight privy pits.

The materials we recovered allowed us to study different aspects of everyday life. Dining Room was a Chinese-owned restaurant operated by Mr. The privy and a pit associated with the restaurant yielded peppersauce bottles and raspberry seeds.

Diet Food and beverage containers, animal bones, and charred plant remains provide information on the diets of families and restaurant diners. The recovered animal bone revealed that customers could order beef, chicken, pork, and mutton.

Phoebe dislikes her doctor because he openly adores Fonzie from Happy Days.

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