Dating vs relationship long 1 on 1 random chat cyber sex

So when guys contact me and theirs says "Dating" I immediately question it in my mind.

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It's a tricky thing, and off-putting in both directions.

To my eyes, someone who posts that they are looking for a "Long Term Relationship" is so tied up in the goal that they've discounted the importance of finding the right person for it; they're looking for "pre-assembled," with no batteries required. Abel, above, is the only person I've noticed who actually got this place to work, and he and his girl got it right - it developed organically.

Alot of people who are totally open to a "Long term" relationship still put " Dating" on their profile because they know that's where it all starts.

Obviously the men contacting you might be this type, but make sure you ask a guy his true intent before moving forward.

So that eased my mind, but guess what, he broke up with me because he said he is afraid of getting hurt, so obviously he has a fear of long term and I'd say his preference for "Dating" is very accurate and he chose that for a reason, just wasn't being upfront to me.

Please tell me what you think, is there a big difference between saying you are looking for "Dating" vs. I tend to get nervous now whenever I see "Dating" but it seems to be te most common preference people have on their profiles!

Since everyone defines their process differently..only way to be sure is to get to know them.

The exceptions being "intimate encounter, other relationship or activity partner". Only you can guess if you can rely on this as fact. People put down what things mean to them and for others it will mean something else.

Each person THINKS they mean something in particular with what they select.

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