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It's a Star Trek-style dream, but one that's inching closer to reality.Say hello/hola/bonjour to the Pilot Translation Earpiece from Waverly Labs.

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One thing you can be pretty sure of is “I love you” is thrown around more freely in Spanish speaking countries than in Western countries.

In countries like the US it’s looked at as a big step in a relationship when someone says it. So if somebody tells you “” sooner than you expected to hear it, it doesn’t carry as much weight to it like if someone in the US said “I love you.” A lot of people say “I love you” in the context of missing somebody who you aren’t with at the moment.

Because the Pilot is still in a prototype phase, things may change between now and when it's released later this year.

Keep in mind these were our initial thoughts with preproduction hardware and software.

Hispana Spanish School, located in the district of Miraflores, is a cultural center that specializes in teaching Latin American Spanish and culture courses to foreign residents, immigrants and travelers of all nationalities, occupations and ages.

Hispana offers a wide range of Spanish programs and courses perfectly suited to your schedule and academic needs, which is comprised of a complete study program in a pleasant, dynamic and culturally-enriching learning environment.

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Will you know how accurately you are conveying your message? If your translation requires any level of sophistication – if it involves, say, persuading someone to buy your services or describing the nuances of a product – you’re going to need more than a machine.

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