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Too much expansive clay results in uneven drying through the brick resulting in cracking, while too much kaolinite will make a weak brick.

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The heat capacity is commonly quoted as c Poured and puddled adobe (puddled clay, piled earth) today called cob, is made by placing soft adobe in layers, rather than making by individual dried bricks or using a form.

Puddle is a general term for a clay or clay and sand based material worked into a dense, plastic state.

Modern methods of construction allow the pouring of whole adobe walls that are reinforced with steel.

In dry climates, adobe structures are extremely durable, and account for some of the oldest existing buildings in the world.

Thermodynamic material properties are sparsely quoted. The thermal resistance of adobe is quoted as having an R-value of R by the thickness of the wall.

From knowledge of the adobe density, heat capacity and a diffusivity value, the conductivity is found to be k = 0.20 Btu/(h ft °F) or 0.35 W/(m K).) is a building material made from earth and other organic materials.Adobe means mudbrick in Spanish, but in some English speaking regions of Spanish heritage it refers to any kind of earth construction, as most adobe buildings are similar in appearance to cob and rammed earth buildings.Adobe is among the earliest building materials, and is used throughout the world.Adobe bricks are most often made into units weighing less than 100 pounds and small enough that they can quickly air dry individually without cracking and be subsequently assembled, with the application of adobe mud, to bond the individual bricks into a structure.In North America, the brick is typically about 25 by 36 cm (10 by 14 in) in size.

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