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Aspie Affection Info: Created by Alex plank, the creator of Wrong, Aspie affection gives people of the spectrum a chance to connect, and maybe find a love Match.Autistic Dating info: Lacking in both design and members, you might try waiting awhile before looking for love here. Autism Dating Info: Another Free dating site for people on the spectrum, from Classic Autism to Asperger's to HFA.I was talking with someone on Yahoo who uses it the other day & she told me that they are charging for membership now & the site is not as good as it used to be.

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I quit using it because I tried changing my email address & I apparently entered it wrong & couldn't relog in.

I tried sending emails to em several times about it but I never heard back.

Same reasons doctors and therapists will never fully cure yiu or they’d go out of business. I know it's hard, but you have to risk talking to plenty of girls Sly.

All them rely on repeat business but ideally someone helped by them wouldn’t be s repeat customer. Before I went to work I tried talking to this girl that I meet at a supermarket.

That's how I assumed it worked for guys who partied a lot. I know that some girls have had a lot of nasty frogs in their life and have not found a prince, but you are not apart of their life. I almost talked to another lady at work when she was talking to someone about the movie jaws but I stopped myself.

The women I dated we talked for weeks before meeting which is why I came off confident in person with them and wasn’t shy with them.Who will only want well off men hence paying so much to be there.I wouldn't pay for dating sites, and I think the tactics they use to encourage people to pay is ridiculous._________________"Standing on a well-chilled cinder, we see the fading of the suns, and try to recall the vanished brilliance of the origin of the worlds."-Georges Lemaitre"I fly through hyperspace, in my green computer interface"-Gem Tos I have ad block so Ok Cupid don’t make money off me, and I give bumble and tinder 1 star reviews every time they ask.I always figured dating sites can’t work, if it did they’d go out of business.Takes few seconds as most people don’t read profiles just pictures and swipe.

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