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That was more like, who is still around when the lights come on..The friendly and flirty women in here do wonders for a guy's self-esteem.

I suppose the opposite could also be true but I tend to get hassled by dudes more than anything. Maybe folks just need to relax a bit and try to enjoy life right now rather than stress out about what might happen tomorrow?

I guess that's supposed to mean that you're expected to ask them a ton of questions... tantalizing replies), then you have to reward the behavior...

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Among that "You are too fat to date anyways" and "ugly ****" .... My question for you is: Why are you even reading their reply when you told them you weren't interested. Rejected by someone you weren't even into to begin with. Im not going to meet a man for an LTR staying home and not utilizing all resources available to me. Like meow states, " just starting to take this a little seriously". But you know, her body was exhumed in Siberia in the early 90's when DNA testing proved her to be the youngest daughter of Nikolas and Alexandra(my daughter's name). Same goes for women when they get messages from men. As women rarely initiate the first contact - either online or in the real world, their choice is limited to the men that they attract, they may get an inbox bulging with emails, but it doesen't necessarily mean that they are attracting the right people.

Yes, there are some immature guys out there who can't handle rejection. Online dating has been good for my self esteem even when rejected. Actually, the forum overall has been pretty fun and with a few exceptions I've met some pretty good people. There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance... Business tactics should remain in the business [email protected] nr. So when you look at it that way, why get so hung up over the fact that they weren't interested enough to give a response. These sites can be a little rough on a guy's self-esteem because we get rejected more than the women do since we have to do the pursuing the majority of the time.

But at least in this medium, you can easily ignore any future comments from them. What's really annoying is when someone selects yes or maybe that they want to meet you, you don't really care for them but decide to give um a chance anyway... Dating is a learning process and I try my best to find value in all [email protected]^^^^^^^perfect & others. I personally feel it comes from a lot of early childhood experiences. Being on/off a dating site should be totally irrelevant. As much as we disagree, my two above counterparts from north of the border have made me chuckle more than once. I am confident and**** as all hell - for business - I will talk you out of thousands of dollars and make you feel good about it - hell you will probably refer your friends, family and coworkers to me for doing it. You can have all the confidence in the world - but if it doesnt translate into actual productivity .... I take that back, a ham sammich can be damn satisfying at times. Perhaps this perception seeps through in the dating field. Do you know the story of Anasthasia the missing Russian Czarina? Would I like to get a response back when I sent a thoughtful reply to a lady?

Also, even if you do read their replies and get a nasty response, it's just them being childish. Just as you don't reward tantrums by reacting to them, you shouldn't let that crap affect your self-esteem. Unlike some folks I don't feel there is some kind of textbook answer. I just choose not to deal with certain things from time to time. If it's an issue at all, most people could read a profile/forum post or 2 and walk away with a tremendous boost to their ego,confidence ,self esteem. I am confident and**** as all hell - for business - I will talk you out of thousands of dollars and make you feel good about it - hell you will probably refer your friends, family and coworkers to me for doing it. Just sayin' PS: Equating one's dating life like some type of system of manipulating women into "some kind of deal" seems odd to [email protected] nr. Oh, I might add: Leaving the business world and all the silly BS associated with it is such a blessing. (I could not get the proper grammar because the name was already taken)I met someone who "met her" (there was a huge debate to state if she was the actual princess but her stories seemed justifiable apparently) anyway, she told me of the encounter. Yes, but I can understand why some don't send one since the rude guys ruined it for the rest of us.

When you go 0/20 or more, after a while, you don't want to spend 5-15 minutes or more on a message.

And after a couple months of no replies, I give up, delete my profile, and go back to meeting people the old-fashioned way, swearing I'll never use online dating services again. It's also particularly frustrating when women expect you to put extensive effort into your profile, but the vast majority of them hardly write more than 3 or 4 lines of text.Guys need to know someone's listening, otherwise, they stop trying. I hear women on here say all the time that they don't respond to short repetitive ''hi, what's up" etc etc (funny, messages i have gotten from women first have been nothing but hi and short hellos) but what's wrong with that?Another example, if a woman doesn't usually dress up, but puts the effort in and does it from time to time, but no one notices or compliments her, she'll stop trying. You have no idea if she will respond; so when and if she shows interest you go deeper.but again, I'm not likely to put the effort into it if I know my odds of hearing even a single word back is less than 1/20. even if it's just a few brief back-and-forth replies that never lead anywhere. I met far more women (many who approached me) on Myspace, which wasn't a dating site at all. Here we go with the mythos of the vaunted 'Self-Esteem' meme.Guys need to know someone's listening, otherwise, they stop trying. While I've only used POF and OK Cupid, I just don't see where the format works at all.mysteriousblueirisheyes, I see your point, but from my perspective as a woman ... Yep, not sure what it does for self esteem but the few times I did get the courage to meet men, it just did not feel right. This topic really is worn into the ground now, you know.After being on this site for a while I started thinking about whether or not dating sites are good or bad for one's self esteem (as far as dating and meeting women go).

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