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While Moscow and Beijing will not enjoy the sort of direct influence over these nations the US and Europe does when co-opting and and directly controlling a targeted nation's information space or media, they will benefit from a more equitable and sustainable multipolar arrangement where nations are better able to represent themselves and their interests rather than serving as an amplifier and proxy for Washington, London or Brussels. Wiki Leaks seems to play a major part in the destruction of the narrative that alludes to have heavy CIA involvement since the effort is so sophisticated and vast that indicates it was a potential clandestine operation.

At some point, people have to start questioning the breadth of coincidences and realize as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said: "In politics, there are no accidents," Kelley kicked and choked his wife a number of times. The Air Force stated Kelley used enough force to kill his stepson or at least cause "grievous bodily harm." In his plea deal, Kelley admitted he struck his stepson intentionally.

“If we were to return prison populations to 1970 levels, before the War on Drugs began,” she said.

“More than a million people working in the system would see their jobs disappear.” So it’s like America’s current war addiction.

The real danger in forcing RT America to register as a ‘foreign agent' is that it could merely be a prelude to further actions taken to shut RT America down.

Shutting down a media company operating the US based on the content it produces is very difficult, even when explicit pornography is involved.

We have built a massive war machine — one bigger than all the other countries in the world combined — with millions of well-paid defense industry jobs and billions of dollars at stake.

With a hammer that big, every foreign policy issue looks like a nail — another bomb to drop, another country to invade, another massive weapons development project to build.

“In fact, crime rates have fluctuated over the years and are now at historical lows.” “Most of that increase is due to the War on Drugs, a war waged almost exclusively in poor communities of color,” she said, even though studies have shown that whites use and sell illegal drugs at rates equal to or above blacks.

In some black inner-city communities, four of five black youth can expect to be caught up in the criminal justice system during their lifetimes.

“He thinks there are changes we can make within the system,” she said, agreeing that there are good people working on the issues and that improvements can be made.

“But I think there has to be a revolution of some kind.” However change is to come, a big impediment will be the massive prison-industrial system.

Barbosa., 2009: Molecular distribution and stable carbon isotope compositions of gasoline hydrocarbons in associated condensates from gas reservoir to characterize oil-cracking gas and kerogen thermal degraded; gas, 2009: Molecular dynamics determination of the shear viscosity, self-diffusivity of Ca, Mg, Si, Al and O, EOS of 1-bar eutectic composition An42 Di58 liquid at 1500-4000 K and 0-80 GPa; comparison with laboratory data Sachse, Dirk; Billault, Isabelle; Bowen, Gabriel J.; Chikaraishi, Yoshito; Dawson, Todd E.; Feakins, Sarah J.; Freeman, Katherine H.; Magill, Clayton R.; Mc Inerney, Francesca A.; van der Meer, Marcel T.

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