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Haiti's huge coastline makes it especially vulnerable to hurricanes.Since all the country's big cities are located on the coast, floods often have dramatic repercussions."The slaves came from over a hundred different ethnic groups and originally had nothing to do with each other," Oliver Gliech, an expert on Haiti at the Latin America Institute at the Free University in Berlin, says.

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Every disaster offers an opportunity, many politicians hope.

For Haiti, the tragic earthquake which struck in January is supposed to lead to a new social and economic start for the nation. () Fiji was once synonymous with a tropical paradise.

But hardly anyone could live from it since the allotments were too small and the new owners struggled to agree on a shared management of the land.

The problem was compounded by Haiti's ethnically diverse population.

But the stunning landscape and the luxurious hotels mask the fact that the Dominican Republic actually belongs to the less wealthy countries in Latin America, and that it shares a border with Haiti, the poorest country in the western world.

Though Haiti and the Dominican Republic share an island, they remain worlds apart. "The Dominican Republic has proper streets so that you can get from one place to another without serious problems," Heinz Oelers, an expert on Latin America at the Christian charity Misereor says.It's little wonder that the bloody wars in the 19 century were followed by rebellions, political upheaval and coups as well as frequently changing self-proclaimed monarchs and dictators, he adds.That pattern has continued in the country till today.Palm trees, sandy beaches stretching for miles, a brilliant blue sea – at first glance, the Dominican Republic seems like a real paradise.Several million tourists visit the country each year.Since no Haitian city has a regular electricity supply, for many residents wood remains the most important source of energy.

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