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George deals with back-to-back souls to reap at a rural gas station which involves a caged bear.

As Mason goes to painful lengths to nab more souls, Betty takes a more casual approach, and Roxy continues to settle on her no-nonsense hard-line approach.

Since becoming a grim reaper, Georgia has become quite friendly with glamorous co-reaper Betty.

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When she witnesses the consequences of her actions, though, she begins to accept the fact that her new existence does serve an important purpose.

Meanwhile, Mason resorts to stealing money from parking meters by stealing Roxy's meter keys.

When Rube grows concerned Georgia might be revealing too much to the young man, he forbids her from seeing him anymore.

George persists, tempting chaos of biblical proportions.

George is put on the Happy Time bowling team and we see a caring side to her, as well as a competitive side to Delores.

Rube has a run-in with Joy at a psychiatrist's office while searching for his latest assignment.

Meanwhile, Clancy and Joy are arguing about sending Reggie to a private school as George secretly continues sending Reggie coded letters inspiring her to move on with her life.

Georgia decides to care for the beautiful golden retriever her latest victim has left behind, and Rube steps in as a grill cook at the reapers' hangout, Der Waffle Haus, to replace the man whose soul he recently took.

Besides coping with her new job, she must learn to deal with being young and starting out – and of course, being dead.

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