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It was established as a separate administrative territory by the kings of Asturias towards the end of the ninth century, with a governor ("dux") appointed for life by the crown. Aldona", adding that Blanca died "en Guadalaxara" and was buried "en S. Portugali Rex, dated Oct 1209, bequeathed property to ...nepos meus Infans Donnus Regin Donn Tharasi... The name Portugal is first found in a document of 883. She became Seora de Aroua after her separation from her husband. Majori Suerii...[et] filiam suam, and appointed as her executors Dominam Orracam Sancii sororem meam et Dominam Eldaram consanguineam meam...

The Chronicon Lusitanum records the death Kal Mai in 1152 (1114) of Comes D.

Henricus The Chronicon Regum Legionensium names "Jimena Muoz" as the first of two concubines of King Alfonso, and their daughters "Elvira the wife of count Raymond of Toulouseand Teresa the wife of Count Henry"Her parentage is confirmed by the charter dated under which her daughter Sancha Enrquez property in Trobajo del Cerecedo, which she inherited from "avia mea dompna Hensemena Muizet de mater mea eius filia regina dompna Teresa", to the parents of Juan Albertino Bishop of Len.

Comite Dono Henrico..uxore mea Infante Dona Taraxea granted privileges to Villa Constantin de Panonias, confirmed by Infans Dono Alfoso filius Henrici comiti et uxor mea Infante Dona Taraxia, by charter dated 1096. She continued her husband's expansionist policy, harrying her half-sister Queen Urraca at every opportunity, probably with a view to replacing her as Queen of Castile.

She adopted the title TERESA Queen of Portugal from Nov 1117. The Chronica Adefonsi Imperatoris records that Alfonso VII King of Castile met "Teresa queen of the Portuguese and with Count Fernando" at Ricobayo and made peace with them after his accession in 1126.

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The new county of Portugal asserted its independence systematically over the subsequent decades.

Count Henri's widow Teresa adopted the title Queen of Portugal in 1117.

"Heynricus frater meus" witnessed the donation to Cluny of "Oddo dux Burgundie".

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