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Would it be possible to add a date/time "Last Active" feature to libtorrent/rtorrent which shows the date/time that the torrent downloading or seeding was last active.

Transmission/transmissiongui has this feature which is extremely useful for determining whether or not a torrent is "stuck" downloading (ie never likely to complete) or not in demand for being seeded, and thus should be removed.

branch=pyro.extended=,false=,"view.sort_current = started,greater=d.custom=last_active" branch=pyro.extended=,"view.sort_current = started,\"compare= -,d.complete=,d.throttle_name=,d.custom=last_active\"" Well, what do you want to accomplish exactly?

American teenager Elizabeth "Daisy" is sent by her estranged father away from New York to the countryside of England to stay with her Aunt Penn.

Well, it won't be on the interface, but you can use these (pyroscope has created these amazing configs (I only modified a bit), along with the interface modification, if you don't know it then check it out: ): # SCHEDULE: Set "last_active" custom field for items that have peers method.insert = d.last_active, simple|value, "if=$d.peers_connected=,$cat=$system.time=,$d.custom=last_active" method.insert = d.last_active.set, simple|private, "d.custom.set=last_active,$cat=$system.time=" schedule = update_last_active, 24, 42, "d.multicall2=started,\"branch=$d.peers_connected=,d.last_active.set=\"" method.insert = d.last_active.print, simple|private, "print=\"$cat=\"" method.insert = d.last_active.check, simple|private, "or=" method.set_key =, last_active_r, "branch=" method.set_key =, last_active_f, "d.last_active.set= ;d.save_full_session=" # UI/VIEW: SORT the STARTED view (in view #3) by LAST ACTIVE desc # Items are grouped into incomplete, complete in that order.

# Each group is devided again into subgroups by throttle name (e.g. # Within each subgroup, they're sorted by last_active field desc. 640) values to determine whether it's already downloaded or not and then you can do something similar as it is in the above example. What about this instead (also coming from pyroscope config, slightly modified): A.

Modifications are never an issue and always there to guide me. Quick responses and attention to detail is what drives a great company.

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