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As you wander through the village you will no doubt notice that some of the cottage doors are painted red whilst others are not.The red doored cottages signify that they still belong to the Montague Estate.

Legend relates that it was realised after the execution that there was no official portrait of the Duke; so his body was exhumed, the head stitched back on the body, and it was sat for its portrait to be painted.

Ringwood stands on the western edge of the New Forest at a crossing point of the River Avon.

After the Battle of Sedgemoor on 6 July 1685, the 1st Duke of Monmouth was arrested near Horton, just outside Ringwood.

Monmouth is believed to have hid in a ditch under an ash tree disguised as a shepherd, but was betrayed by a local woman who (according to legend) later killed herself in remorse.

There are many other opportunities to discover the area on foot and the visitor information centre provides details of local town trails and walks.

The eleventh century name of Ringwood was "Rincevede" which seems to have meant a ford or "wade" (vede) over a river or watercourse (rine).Some 3,000 SOE (Special Operations Executive) agents were trained at a number of country houses scattered across the Beaulieu Estate before returning to occupied Europe to work with Resistance groups during the Second World War.The picturesque village of Beaulieu, close to Lymington and Lyndhurst at the head of the Beaulieu River, could be described as "the Historic Heart of the New forest", its origins dating back to the 13th century and the days of King John.The modern spelling of the name has suggested to many people the idea of a place ringed by trees, and either meaning is valid, since the River Avon is still much in evidence, though bridged, and the growing population has pushed the encircling trees further from the centre of the town.Monmouth House near the Market Place is said to have lodged James, Duke of Monmouth after the battle of Sedgemoor.For centuries it has been the traditional market town of the New Forest with its market charter dating back to 1226.

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