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An extensive search for her in the Norfolk area found nothing until in November of 1987.

It was then that hunters found children’s clothing in the Wood Duck wildlife area southwest of Stanton, Nebraska.

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Jill’s disappearance remains an open case with both Norfolk and Stanton County law enforcement always looking for information or a location of Jill. Jillian is a white female, 4’6″ tall, weighs 65 pounds, has straight blond hair and blue eyes.

She has a two inch vertical scar on the crown of her head and a horizontal scar on her right top lip. It was open mike night at Duggan’s Pub, a popular venue for local musicians.

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Date of Birth – 2/19/78 Date Missing – 8/13/87 Missing from – Norfolk, Nebraska Stanton County Sheriff’s Office Telephone Number – (402)439-2212 On August 13, 1987 a nine year old Norfolk, Nebraska girl disappeared and has not been seen alive since.

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