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Or just buy or rent one of the cabins around the world to be your safe house, where you can rest up, recuperate, stash your loot, customize your character or fast travel to other destinations accessible to you.

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Some looking for thrills of the frontier, some seeking riches and some just looking for a new beginning.

Some folk sought justice, some sought revenge, and some just trying to run from something.” WILD WEST ONLINE is a emergent systems-driven, open world, Wild West-themed action MMO built from the ground up for PC and featuring world exploration, resource gathering, Pv P combat, Pv E missions and much, much more.

WWO features a dynamic Day/Night cycle – so shoot straight by the light of day, then hunker up somewhere at sundown.

That or use the cloak of darkness to your advantage!

Do you want to lie, cheat, rob, murder and generally carouse your way across the West. But watch your back, some players will choose to stay on the right side of the law and become Deputies and Bounty Hunters.

These men (and women) are charged with hunting down the likes of you, and bringing you in, dead or alive. Join one of the many bandit clans or create your own and recruit others to fight for control over contested territories.We had access to technology that would allow us to create vast, intricate open-worlds populated with live players and NPCs.We have great relationships with a pool of top-tier local development talent happy to offer their services.In fact we’ve been waiting for that franchise to be confirmed for PC since the original.Slightly over a year ago we decided to stop waiting and start doing.Don't worry though, there are plenty of outlaw hideouts that provide all the same services a town. Or maybe you prefer to live a simpler life, buy a deed to a farm, customize it to your liking and live off the land.

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