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This is something I’ve never wanted to even try since I think the people aren’t themselves when they are intoxicated.

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At the beginning of the interview the Russian woman told she is very happy and having a wonderful life with her Finnish husband.

She told that getting married to a Finnish man was a natural choice to her because the Finnish man seemed to be a good and reasonable guy. After moving to Finland the Russian woman told she got immediately attracted to the nature which surrounded her husband's house.

To be honest I do not have much experience on dating since I never actually dated almost anyone in my life.

My love story is narrowed to a teenage love at seventeen, it was my first love and only lasted for 2 months before flying to Finland.

One of the typical characteristics of a Finnish man is reasonable economical behavior which came familiar for the Russian woman when she asked her husband to bring her new shampoo.

In the story the Russian woman told how "her husband wondered why he should bring her a new shampoo?

I am from the island of Puerto Rico, I am a nice and calm romantic dreamy and I am a girl in my interiol who likes to laugh to turn I like to be organized and clean I adapt to the moment and place as a chameleon haha I am woman living in Finland, looking for friend from Scotland.

Animals and nature are close to my heart, especially birds. I am used to live by myself, my kids have grown up and they live Am cheerful, kind, romantic, loyal, honest.

Hope these international relationships could help open up the very closed and unsocial people of Finland.

No.3 I never thought about it, but I guess we don’t have a dating culture, or more like we don’t have “rules” for dating.

" The husband even had told her: " You already have one bottle of shampoo" The Russian woman told that she had responded to her husband: " I need an other, different kind of shampoo" Of course her husband brought her the shampoo but didn't quite understand why women need so many different shampoos.

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