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If you’re after some solo travel time with the chance of meeting other like-minded people, then consider other accommodation options.Nadi’s Wailoaloa Beach is often the first port of call for backpackers and solo travellers.

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Among them: drunken campus parties, alleged sexual prowess, and an unrivaled level of administrative discipline.“The brothers of Fiji so ardently defend their color that no other fraternity is ever long successful in altering the appearance of the 114th Street fire hydrant,” they wrote.

(According to Columbia lore, warring houses on fraternity row repainted the fire hydrant with their color whenever a member had sex with a virgin.)After celebrating the “impressive social event” that was the annual FIJI Island Party, “which most of the campus will remember fondly (or not remember at all depending on how good a time they had),” the yearbook entry went on to boast that “Fiji is quite proud of its distinction of being the fraternity most placed on probation by the university.”In a spring 1988 printed farewell to graduating columnists, Daily Spectator editors handed out nicknames like “amazin’ artiste,” “drawing demon,” and “fantastic feminist” to departing seniors.

With its affordable dorm rooms at Smugglers Cove and Bamboo, social beachfront vibe and regular nighttime fire and poi dancers, the area is perfect for making new friends.

If you want more nature and seclusion while still meeting new faces, try the Fiji Beachouse along the Coral Coast.

It’s difficult to tell whether Gorsuch is among the 30 mostly white teens smiling from the fraternity’s group photo (they really do all look alike), but he is listed in the caption as one of its 42 members.

Along with a year of “leadership, athleticism, and community service,” the men of FIJI listed in the yearbook their other defining successes of 1988.The best island trips for solo travellers are sailing trips such as those run by Coral Cats.The smaller number of passengers on board are more conducive to solo travel and offer a mix of snorkelling adventures and ultimate relaxation on the bean bags of the catamaran.FIJI, as one former member claimed, was known as a house where the spiked punch flowed, and party tents known as “smut huts” were erected for one clear purpose.The Phi Gamma Delta page in Columbia’s 1988 yearbook is a testament to the fact that FIJI’s party-hearty reputation wasn’t solely the product of rumors from know-nothing outsiders.Keep in mind the time of year you are travelling – the ‘winter’ or dry season is typically from May to October.

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