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He told of a friend lamping who saw two sets of eyes at the edge of a field: "The eyes moved a bit and the guy looked through his scope but wouldn't pull the trigger because he couldn't identify them.

As he was peering through his scope, he got the shock of his life.

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Last week, a farmer in West Wales found a freshly dead badger hanging near his home.

A post-mortem examination confirmed it had been killed, probably by dogs, after midnight. Last Tuesday, Leslie Fowell of Rock Ferry, Merseyside was jailed for a year at Wirral magistrates court for eight offences under the Protection of Badgers Act.

He had photographs and videos showing dogs attacking badgers under the glare of lamps.

Badger groups in north-east Essex, Buckinghamshire and Kirklees report lampers killing badgers.

"Illicit lampers," said Barry Fryer of the RSPCA, "are the thugs of the countryside." The reports come from North Wales to Essex, and the South Downs to Lancashire, and what emerges is what many describe as a "redneck culture" of people going into the countryside to blast away at anything that moves.

One email bulletin board, Air Gun BBS, has dozens of messages from lampers using such sign-ons as "rabbit blaster" swapping tips about where to shoot, and giving details of kills and equipment, including silencers.Initially, the animal's identity was impossible to guess, but as the light ranged across the moonlit field, the shape of a fox became apparent.It trotted towards the light mounted on top of the 4X4.This gang was seen to go out nearly a dozen strong, with 13 dogs, walkie-talkies and full lighting rigs on three vehicles.Terry Spamer, chief inspector with the unit, said: "Most people we investigate are going onto land without the owner's permission, in four-wheel drives, and once they go across country they are very difficult to track." There are also reports, from Essex and elsewhere, of lampers shooting near roads.Warwickshire's say it is "increasingly a problem", and Mid-Sussex Badger Group report seeing badgers dying from septicaemia after being shot.

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