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Although scholars suggest that circumcision was limited to the elite only (priests and pharaohs), others disagree.

Circumcision for the Egyptians was a method of purification; the bodys openings were considered portals through which impure and malignant spirits might penetrate.

Today, many Anthropologists disagree on the origins of circumcision.

By being circumcised, God ensured the promise of fertility to the Jewish people.

Circumcision also served as a tribal sign; without it, one was banished from the tribe, which was certain death for the Jewish people were desert inhabitants.

Judaism adopted circumcision from the Egyptians through Moses, who left Egypt with the Hebrew slaves.

Moses, who could be considered the father of the Jewish tradition, law, rituals, and administrative authority, was not himself circumcised, yet he required all of his followers to be circumcised.

References to circumcision are found throughout the Old Testament, but they are vague as to how and at what age the action of circumcision itself was to be performed.

During the time of Moses, flint knives were used to perform circumcision on males who had reached puberty.The use of flint knives was very important in early Jewish tradition, for Anthropologists state that the stone blade symbolized a connection to the earth and its elements.As in other cultures, the mixture of blood and stone has been a characteristic of tribal circumcision throughout the world.Some rabbis believed that Moses was not admitted into heaven because he was not circumcised.In the Torah, God says to Abraham that circumcision was a part of the Covenant, or part of mans promise to God.Christ, he said, fulfilled the law, and this fulfillment rendered circumcision irrelevant in the eye of God.

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