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Such final judgment restores each party to the status of a single person and after its entry either may marry.

Prior to 7/58, an interlocutory decree was first entered followed by a final decree after a lapse of 6 months.

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However, an appeal, which must be filed within 30 days of judgment from a decree granting a divorce that does not challenge the finding that the marriage is irretrievably broken, does not delay the finality of the decree, and thus allows either of the parties to remarry pending appeal.

From 8/7/35 through 9/28/65, a decree of divorce did not take effect until the expiration of 6 months after its date, or, if later, the final disposition of an appeal therefrom.

However, a marriage contracted during the prohibited period is not void. However, a remarriage entered into in another State during the prohibited period would be recognized as valid in Arizona and in other States.

After 7/22/66, there are no restrictions against remarriage following a divorce decree.

A divorce decree may also indicate whether the guilty party may ever remarry.

However, if there is no such prohibition in the decree against the defendant's remarriage, any marriage of the defendant after 60 days following the decree is valid.Prior to 9/17/65, an interlocutory decree was first entered and at the expiration of 1 year (if there had been no appeal motion for the new trial or reversal of the interlocutory decree) a final decree could be entered.From 9/17/65, through 12/31/69, (and for actions in which judgment was entered or a new trial granted between these dates) a final decree could be entered immediately after the interlocutory decree if 1 year had expired from the date of service of summons and complaint on the defendant spouse.During the 3-month period a remarriage contracted in Delaware or in any other State would be held to be void in Delaware and in all other jurisdictions.After 7/4/74, a decree granting a petition for divorce is final when entered, subject to the right of appeal.A remarriage entered into in Delaware or in any other State before the entry of the final decree would be held to be void by the courts of Delaware and of all other States.

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