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Contact our office immediately if your mailing address has changed to avoid a delay in receiving your invoice and/or business license. § 50-36-1 and requires that state agencies and departments and every political subdivision of the state, including cities, verify the lawful presence in the United States of any applicant for a public benefit (i.e. Any business which anticipates commencing operation on or after January 1 of each year shall within 30 days of commencing such business and, if not exempt from the levy of a registration fee, shall pay said fee in accordance with a city-prescribed schedule. Per Section 30-71(d), a person who is an employee or in apparent authority at the location where the business is registered or who is an agent acting in a capacity of apparent authority may be served with any notices and/or citations directed to the taxpayer. The written request must be stamped as “received by the Clerk”.

A form must be completed for each year you wish to amend. business license) and verify that the applicant is legally entitled to receive the benefit for which they applied. E-Verify is a federal program operated by the United States Department of Homeland Security designed to verify the employment eligibility information of newly hired employees. Each such registration shall be for the calendar year in which the registration was obtained unless otherwise specifically provided. The certificate issued for any business location shall be available for inspection at the address listed on the certificate and shall be displayed to any authorized enforcement officer of the city when so requested. PLEASE NOTE: It is the Judge’s discretion whether the request is granted.

Johnson, CPA, CFE Revenue Director [email protected] Stroud, MBA, PMP Revenue Director [email protected] mail all payments to: City of Atlanta PO Box 932053 Atlanta, GA 31193-2053 Q. Federal Tax Identification Number or Social Security Number.

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Applications received through the mail require six to eight weeks processing time because zoning requirements also have to be completed. No, however you may download the New Business Application, here.

Fully complete, sign and date the New Business Tax Application, Notarized Save and E-Verify Affidavits include government issued picture identification.

This registration allows your business to operate statewide. Yes: a Business Tax Final Close Form must be completed to close the business under the former ownership structure and have a New Business Tax Application filled out. Fully complete, sign and date the Business Tax Application, Notarized SAVE and E-Verify Affidavits and include a copy of your government issued photo identification. No shows for a scheduled court date will be issued a Failure to Appear (FTA) citation and subject to additional fines, penalties, and/or other correctional actions as deemed by the Court. It is recommended that the necessary permits and licenses are obtained prior to the court date.

(Businesses located outside Georgia must register in each municipality or jurisdiction where they have a business location.) However, location changes within the city limits of Atlanta requires a written request for zoning approval which is assessed a $50.00 Zoning Review Fee. Return the New Business Tax Application Form completed to register the new business. Renewing a business license requires that a business provide: (1) Prior year gross revenues; (2) Number of employees, (3) Notarized SAVE/E-Verify affidavits (if applicable) and; (4) Applicant’s government issued photo ID. Applications received through the mail require six to eight weeks processing time. Your tax is based upon the gross receipts, number of employees and type of business. The Code Enforcement Compliance Officers cannot change, alter, dismiss, or otherwise revise the citation once it has been issued. You must come in person to the Customer Service Window at the following location to bring the business in compliance: Please do not ask for the Code Enforcement Officer who issued the citation to assist you.

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Businesses located in the City of Atlanta are taxed on statewide receipts.

Businesses located outside Georgia are taxed on receipts generated in the City of Atlanta, only. Current state law mandates that you register your business in the municipality or jurisdiction where it is located.

Applications received through the mail require six to eight weeks processing time because zoning requirements also have to be completed.

A form must be completed for each year you wish to amend.

There is a non-refundable .00 registration fee that must be paid with guaranteed funds (money order or certified bank check).

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